CAT supportsite: Digital assessment with Remindo




This page contains a number of documents to support the use of Remindo. Each one is accompanied by a short description. Some of these documents must be used to ensure that assessments proceed as they should. This will be clearly indicated where applicable.


Documents with the name ‘(at home)’ have been adapted for taking exams at home. They are placed at the top.

For students

Student instruction Remindo HomeAugust 2022

Description: this document prepares students for taking tests at home with RemindoThe document should be sent to students well ahead before the scheduled test so that they have sufficient time to read it. Otherwise they will miss important information regarding the test. 

Instruction reviewing your exams (at home) Instruction reviewing your exams (on location)

Description: In these instruction documents the student reads how he can review his exam (at home or on location) in Remindo and what he sees when doing so.  

Student instruction (English) – August 2022

Description: this document prepares students for the secured test with Remindo using Chromebooks. The document must be sent to students well ahead of the scheduled exam to afford them sufficient time to review it. Otherwise, they might miss vital information about performing the exam.

For teachers

Teacher: Instruction for digital assessment on location (English)    (webpage, publication date: 14 January 2022)

Description: This document properly prepares teacher for their responsibilities in the exam room. We strongly advise that you review the document carefully, so you will know what is required of you during the exam.

Emergency plan

Description: The emergency plan provides clarity in case an emergency occurs in the exam room where a test is being administered with either Remindo Test or Numworx. Paper exams, tests that are administered at home, or Tests being administered with TestVision fall outside the scope of this emergency plan.

Approving students

The following screencast shows how to approve students for the test. The screencast is complementary to the document mentioned above: ‘Teacher monitoring test taking process’. Note! In the video the old login address is used. Please use instead to log in.

Would you like to know why it is essential to verify when starting up an exam with regard to exam security? Please read the following document: Why should I verify?

Preparation documents for teachers

Docent: Checklist docent voorbereiding digitale toets (Nederlands)

Teacher: Check list teacher preparation e-assessment (English).

Description: This checklist for teachers is meant as a support tool in the run-up to e-assessment. Based on this document, you can check and keep track of all (essential) steps when creating an exam in Remindo.

Basic steps for creating and performing exams in Remindo

Description: This page on the support site provides basic steps for creating and performing exams in Remindo. The steps will provide guidance during the process but are not part of a checklist.

Tijdschema voor docent die eerste keer toetst (Nederlands)

Time schedule for teachers using Remindo for the first time (English)

Description: This timeline maps out the different phases of preparing for a digital exam in Remindo. Leaving yourself plenty of room in your planning is especially important if you are organising your first digital assessment. The width and placement of the red blocks in relation to the week count (the arrows) will tell you roughly when to start each phase and when you should finish. The text also explains some of the absolute requirements of your preparation. Please note! This timeline may deviate from agreements within your faculty or with the key user at your faculty.

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