CAT supportsite: Digital assessment with Remindo


Preconditions for E-assessment at Utrecht University

Utrecht University uses the e-assessment system Remindo to perform e-assessment (except for UMC). In case of a summative exam, certain conditions should be met: the exam in Remindo must be performed on a Chrombook with a secure wifi network. Such as secure wifi network is available at several locations at the Utrecht Science Park, UCU, and in the city centre. When performing e-assessment through Remindo, it is important to verify at the start of the exam. When you have met these conditions, you can perform the exam securely.

Support organization for assessment with Remindo

There is a support organization for assessing in Remindo on Chromebooks in an assessment hall at the UU. This support organization offers help in case of technical difficulties with the testing software or hardware. The UU is responsible for the availability of functional hardware for digital examination on location.

The table below provides information on the involved parties with digital assessment, including service hours.

This document contains information on the involved parties that offer support with testing in Remindo.