Educate-it supportsite: digital assessment with Remindo


Available workshops

Educate-it and Educational Advice & Training offer three workshops on digital testing with Remindo, namely: Effective Digital Testing, Analysing a Remindo Asessment and Innovative Digital Assessments. Below you will find more information about the content and registration. You can also find these (and other) workshops in the schedule for workshops and webinars for lecturers. At the bottom of
the page you will also find the link to the online training about Testing.

The workshops for the academic year of 2021-2022 will take place via Teams or at a UU-location, depending on the developments surrounding Covid-19. More precise information about this will be included in the invitation. 


> Effective Digital Assessment

At the beginning of each block (in the second week) the workshop Effective Digital Assessment is offered (click on the link to register). In this workshop you will practice with making questions and constructing an exam in Remindo. You will learn how to create an open – and multiple choice question of good educational quality.


> Analysing a Remindo Assessment

In the fourth week of each block the workshop Analysing a Remindo Asessment is offered (click on the link to register). In this workshop you will learn how to interpret and use the learning analytics in Remindo. What do the values tell you about the quality of your questions and exam? These questions (a.o.) will also be covered during the workshop: when do I adjust the caesura; is it necessary to delete a question; how do I improve a question after I analyzed my exam?


> Innovative digital assessment*

In the fifth week of each block the workshop Innovative Digital Assessment is offered. In this workshop you get acquainted with the possibilities Remindo offers to test with innovative question types and multimedia. We use examples to discuss various question types. After the workshop you can deliberately choose innovative question types and multimedia in Remindo.
* This workshop is temporarily unavailable.


>Make more of digital examination: Multimedia and other types of questions*

In the fifth week of every block the workshop Make more of digital examination: Multimedia and other types of questions is given. In this workshop you will get to know the possibilities that Remindo offers for examination with innovative question-types and multimedia. Using examples, we discus the ins and outs of several question-types in Remindo. Afterwards you will able to make a well thought-out choice for multimedia and innovative question-types in Remindo.
* This workshop is temporarily unavailable.


Online training about Assessment

The Educate-it Academy has developed the online course ‘Assessment.’ In this online course, you will use the assessment cycle to learn how to design and construct a test and test questions, how to administer a test, and how to evaluate and analyse it. If you are interested, register here for the online course.