CAT supportsite: Digital assessment with Remindo

Test blueprints


Which type of blueprint do I need: Practice, Graded practice or Exam?

When you implement digital assessment and start making new blueprints, you will be required to select a ‘type’ of blueprint. Your options are: ‘Practice’, ‘Graded practice’ and ‘Exam’*.

Some teaching methods and learning objectives work well with an ‘Exam’, others are a better match for ‘Practice’ or ‘Graded practice’. The table below will offer some guidance on which type is best for your situation. Naturally, you could also ask your key user for advice.

If you’d like to divide your test into sections, take some time to familiarize yourself with roadmapsin Remindo. The decision to use this more advanced option is best made before you start building your test. Creating a roadmap will also require that you know how to make a regular blueprint.

* The term ‘exam’ has many meanings in education. In Remindo, the ‘Exam’ blueprint type is a summative assessment that will result in or contribute to a student’s grade for the course.