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Recipe: copying

There are two ways to copy a recipe:

You can create an exact copy of a recipe, which you might want to do if you forgot to set the right exam type. When you copy a recipe, you will get another chance to set the exam type.

Or you can copy a set of questions from a recipe. This option is useful when you have set up the rules in a recipe such that a number of questions will be selected from them to be used on the exam, but you want everyone taking the exam to see the same set of questions. Normally when you use this option, each student will get a different selection. By copying a specific set of questions into a new recipe, you can have each student perform the same exam. You will use this option a lot when working with a Source recipe.

Below is an explanation of how to make an exact copy of a recipe.

  • Step 1

    • Log in to admin view.
    • In the screen for the recipe you want to copy, click the Contents tab.
    • Click ‘Add variant’

  • Step 2

    • Give the copied recipe (one of the variants) a new name under ‘Recipe settings’. The Name (and code) field will initially be identical to that of the recipe you just copied. The settings are the same as they would be when you create a new recipe. Remindo will add the term ‘variant’ to each created copy.
    • Under ‘Settings variant: action’, choose to create an exact copy of all settings and rules. Click on Save.
    • An exact copy will now be created, which means that the content, order, and settings of the source recipe will be copied exactly. Alterations can be made afterwards, though.

  • Please note! Don’t forget to give the copied recipe a new name. The Name field will initially be identical to that of the recipe you just copied. The settings are the same is they would be when you create a new recipe. For more on those settings, see Recipe: create.


    • When adding a variant while the source recipe hasn’t been saved yet, Remindo will show the following message: ‘the unsaved source recipe is being copied’.
    • If a previously saved version of the source recipe already exists, Remindo will show an extra option under ‘Settings variant’. By clicking on ‘use the unsaved version’ you can chose which version (unsaved/most recently saved) you would like to use as the source recipe.
    • In order to prevent the message or extra option, first Save recipe before creating any variants.


  • Step 3

    • The variant is now embedded in the source recipe when looking at the Recipe list.
    • This page explains the various icons and colours (step 4).

  • Step 4

    • You can ignore the connection between the variant and the source recipe if you want to distinguish clearly between the source and the copy.
    • You can also disconnect the variant from its source recipe. In order to disconnect them, click on the variant, and choose ‘Rules’ and then ‘Disconnect variant’. Confirm your choice. The variant will now be a separate recipe in the recipe list. If you change the name or code of the variant, it will now show up in a different place in the list.