Educate-it supportsite: Digital assessment with Remindo

Test questions and question bank


Make question available for exam (approve question)

To compose an exam, put the questions you want into a recipe. Only questions that have been Approved in the item bank are eligible for inclusion in a recipe.

  • Step 1

    • Log in to admin view and go to Tests.
    • Go into the item bank.
    • Select the question you want to approve.

  • Step 2

    • An overview of the tabs belonging to the selected question will appear at the bottom of the screen.
    • Click Example, then click Approve on the right side of the screen.

  • Step 3

    • The question has now been approved. The question’s status in the item bank has changed to Approved. The question will now be ‘visible’ when editing recipes.
    • The text on the Approve button has changed into Requires Repair.
    • The overview shows each question’s status.

  • If you want to approve multiple questions at once, you can click Show all. That makes it easier to scroll through the list of questions.