CAT supportsite: Digital assessment with Remindo

Test analysis


Retention period of answers and results

Answers and results from digital exams are saved in Remindo for the duration of two years after administering the exam (as mentioned in the privacy statement). Data will be deleted from the exam environment of Remindo after two years in order to adhere to the UU retention period. All data will remain accessible in the Remindo admin environment. You can find more specific information about which information is saved and which information is not.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Planning page:

  1. The number of students who have started and finished an exam. Registration of students who didn’t start their exam will remain visible.
  2. The results page of the exam moment is not accessible anymore through the planning page. If this is still accessible through the analysis, the page will be empty.


Candidate page:

Registrations and exam results will also be deleted from this page.

Exam environment:

  1. The test moment itself (but without the results)
  2. The settings for the test moment
  3. The accountability report
  4. The action log
  5. The settings for the correction round

Admin environment:

Nothing will be deleted from the admin environment. It will therefore remain possible to access the following information:

  1. The question bank
  2. The test blueprint
    • Which questions it contains
    • The settings for the test blueprint
  3. Test blueprint export
    • Accountability report of the test blueprint
    • Analysis of the test blueprint
    • Results: all answers to questions in this test blueprint (anonymized)