CAT supportsite: Digital assessment with Remindo

Test analysis

Retention period of answers and results

Answers and results from digital exams are saved in Remindo for the duration of two years after administering the exam (as mentioned in the privacy statement). Data will be deleted from the exam environment of Remindo after two years in order to adhere to the UU retention period. All data will remain accessible in the…

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Exporting exam data from ‘Admin view’

In its ‘Student view’, Remindo offers a Learning Analytics feature that lets users analyse exams and exam questions. Similarly, ‘Admin view’ lets users view analytical data for individual questions. The great thing about these pages is that they provide a clear overview of the data, that they allow you to click through to other data and…

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Test analysis: Cronbach’s alpha

Remindo has two pages where you can calculate and review Cronbach’s Alpha: The ‘Learning Analytics’ page in ‘Student view’. It calculates Cronbach’s Alpha across all questions in your exam. On the ‘Statistics’ page in ‘Admin view’. On that page, you can calculate Cronbach’s Alpha across a selection of questions.

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Exam analysis: per-question statistics in Admin view (P, Rit, Rir, A values and standard deviations)

Please note! Be aware of the fact that statistic values at question level can cause noise in admin view. Values in admin view are based on every take in which the question is asked. Calculating statistic values of questions can thus be based on a combination of performance in summative and formative testing. This means…

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