CAT supportsite: Digital assessment with Remindo

Assessment and checking answers

Additional facilitation: reading software

Students are allowed to ask for the use of reading software as an additional facilitation during their exams. You can share this student manual with your students on how to use the reading software in Remindo in case they are entitled to this additional facilitation. More information on working with the reading software as a…

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Plagiarism check in Remindo

When to use Ouriginal plagiarism check? This is only to be used when testing from home. Because this can only be executed on open-ended questions (so not multiple-choice, fill-in etc.). The test can have multiple types of questions and the plagiarism control will only look at the open-ended questions. To reduce the risk of plagiarism,…

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Editing grading criteria of open questions after the exam performance

The grading criteria of open questions can be edited after the exam performance. You can edit the number of points or add grading criteria. It is not possible to delete a grading criterion that has been created before the test performance. Log in to Remindo student view and go to Planning. Search for the exam that…

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Correcting open questions: starting a round of corrections

After the exam, it’s time to correct your students’ answers. To do that in Remindo, you have to start a round of corrections. To configure a correction round, you need to enter your ‘Correction round settings’ (rules for the correction process) and ‘Distribution settings’ (who will do the corrections). Your key user will be able…

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Correcting open questions

After the exam, you can check your students’ answers. You can correct questions grouped by exam (i.e., by student) or by question. It’s best to indicate your preference to your key user before the exam takes place. You should also indicate whether you: want the exams anonymised for correction so it is impossible for the…

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Answer key: Editing the closed question answer key

Closed questions are corrected and scored automatically in Remindo. It may be necessary for any number of reasons to make alterations to the answer keys for closed questions after the exam has already been performed. Effects of editing the answer keys Remindo allows you to make alterations (1) for individual students, (2) for all students…

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