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Digital exam rooms

Covid-19 situation:

The following rooms and capacity are available during the Covid-19 measures. The Covid-19 measures currently apply, until August 31, 2021:

Exams are currently possible at the following locations:

  • Educatorium (USP)
  • Ruppertgebouw (USP)
  • Bijlhouwerstraat (city center)
  • Olympos (USP)
  • Bolognelaan (USP)

The availability of and capacity in the rooms at the locations has been adjusted due to Covid-19. In addition, exams are taken at home, online.

You can schedule an exam via the faculty timetable.

Normal situation:

The following rooms and capacity are available in a normal situation, if no Covid-19 measures apply. This will be the case from 1 September 2021:

The following rooms of the Educatorium allow for exams to be performed digitally over secure WiFi:

  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Gamma

At most 800 students can perform a digital exam at the same time. The required Chromebooks will be put in place by e-supervisors.

Each faculty has a smaller set of Chromebooks and one or several rooms at its disposal for the performance of digital assessments on smaller groups. This includes resits, digital reviews and exams for students who require additional time. An exam room for a smaller group has 37 Chromebooks.

Science, Geosciences, Social and Behavioural Sciences
– Buys Ballot
– Ruppert

– Drift 3

Law, Economics and Governance
– Bijlhouwerstraat 6
– Spinoza Hall (UCU)
– Sint Janskerkhof

Veterinary Medicine
– Androclus

  • The Educate- it  website has a list of all the steps that need to be taken for an exam to be performed digitally.