CAT supportsite: Digital assessment with Remindo



Background information completed exam

While viewing a completed exam accessed through View results, you will see various parts to the left of the created questions, namely Test, Correction rounds, Show log, Shown to candidates, display settings, Resits and Download. These parts are discussed below.

  • Step 1

    Test details and results, such as grade structure, correction rounds, result and examination log.

    • Candidate: click for an overview of all tests taken by this student.
    • Course: click for an overview of all tests taken within this study program.
    • Test matrix name: click for an overview of all students who have taken this test.
    • Test matrix type: Shows whether it is a test or exercise
    • Status: Status of the test (To be checked, Completed).
    • Number of questions: Shows the total number of questions in the test
    • Start / end time: Start and end time of the test.
    • Grade: Click behind the grade on Grade structure, you will see a table of the Grade and a score table.
    • Score: Indicates the maximum points that can be obtained, and how many points have been achieved by the candidate on this test.
    • Score area name: The student’s result (pass / fail). Below that you see the number of correct / incorrect / unanswered questions.

  • Step 2

    Component correction rounds

    If you click on View correction rounds, you will see a page with the settings of the correction rounds

  • Step 3


    • If you click on Open log, you will see the log with the progress of the test. When the student started the test and when he / she has completed the test. You can also see when the supervisor has checked the test and, if necessary, which adjustments the supervisor has made in the score assignment.


  • Step 4

    Part shown to candidates: settings visible after a test

    • The Visibility section shows what the student is allowed to see of the questions (correct or incorrect) / grade / score area.


  • Step 5

    Item Display Settings:

    Here certain items can be hidden in the view, such as:

    • Question text
    • Review results
    • Case text
    • Comments from candidates

  • Step 6


    • In this example of Resits, the test taken cannot be retaken.
    • If it has been set (in the test matrix) that this test may be retaken, you can prepare a resit (of the same test!) Via this route.

  • Step 7

    Component options: Download PDFs of the created test and export to Excel

    • If you click Export to Excel, you will receive an Excel file with the duration of the answered questions in seconds, whether the question has been answered correctly / incorrectly, the score obtained per question, the maximum score to be achieved and the answer given by the student.
    • If you click Download as PDF, you will download the student’s test.
    • If you click Download as PDF including answer model, the assessment criteria will also be displayed with the open questions.
    • If you click on Download as PDF with answer model and details of corrections, the corrections will be shown next to the assessment criteria for the open questions.