CAT supportsite: Digital assessment with Remindo

Assessment process at UU



E-assistants will be present in the exam room before and during the performance of the exam. They set out the Chromebooks beforehand and store them afterwards. They are on hand to resolve any technical issues with the Chromebooks and/or Remindo. In the event that the e-assistants are unable to resolve a given issue, they have a protocol to follow. E-assistants are in no way a replacement for academic supervisors.

If you’d like to prepare yourself and your students for performing the e-assessment, be sure to read the instructions for students and teachers (the files labeled Student Instruction exam and Monitoring test taking process).

No e-assistant present

Under ideal circumstances, the e-assistant will have started setting up Chromebooks in the exam hall a full hour before the scheduled start time. Sometimes, when a written exam is being performed in the same room before the digital one, the e-assistant will have less time to set up.

If no e-assistant is present 20 minutes before a digital assessment on Chromebooks was scheduled to take place, please call this number: 030-2532836