CAT supportsite: Digital assessment with Remindo

Assessment process at UU

Basic steps for creating and performing exams in Remindo

Below you will find the basic steps to create and perform an exam in the Remindo software. The steps will provide guidance during the process but are not part of a checklist. Your key user can give you more information and understands all steps that are necessary to be optimally prepared for creating and performing…

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E-assistant not present

Ideally, an e-assistant will start setting up for a digital assessment and putting out Chromebooks an hour before the exam is scheduled to start. In some cases, time will be limited due to a written exam taking place in the same room just before, and the e-assistant will start setting up a little later than…

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Key users

Are you interested in digital assessment? Do you have any questions about it? Each faculty has a Remindo key user who can help you. This is the person to turn to for: receiving authorisation to use the item bank digitally preparing an exam help with any Remindo technical issues Contact the Remindo key user at…

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Announce digital assessment to scheduling (secure Chromebooks)

Be sure to indicate to your faculty scheduler that you intend to have your exam performed digitally. This prompts them to start a digital assessment procedure and arrange for the presence of e-supervisors. If the exam has already been scheduled as a written exam in any of the rooms of the Educatorium, your faculty scheduler can…

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E-assistants will be present in the exam room before and during the performance of the exam. They set out the Chromebooks beforehand and store them afterwards. They are on hand to resolve any technical issues with the Chromebooks and/or Remindo. In the event that the e-assistants are unable to resolve a given issue, they have…

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