CAT supportsite: Digital assessment with Remindo


Remindo release 24.1

Release 24.1 of Remindo has been rolled out on Sunday 4th of February 2024. This release brings several adjustments and/or improvements to the Remindo system:

  • The standard base score of a Matching question with the setting “one association per row” or “one association” was ‘-1’ before. For these two options it is now decided that the standard base score will be set to ‘0’. When the setting is changed to “multiple associations per row”, the standard base score will be set to ‘-1’ again.
  • In the last Release from 2023 (23.6) , the term ‘Answer model’ was changed to ‘Elaboration of the answer’ in the admin environment. The term has now also been changed in the student-view environment, when, for example, making adjustment to the answering model and with correcting open questions.
  • The text in the notification (via e-mail and/or in the widget) that a candidate would receive about the availability of a new test moment was unclear, possibly implying that the test could be taken that same day. This text has now been made clearer by mentioning the specific date and time of the test moment in these notifications.