CAT supportsite: Digital assessment with Remindo


Remindo release 23.6

Release 23.6 of Remindo has been rolled out on Sunday, 26th of November 2023. This release brings several adjustments and/or improvements to the Remindo system:

  • It is possible to add a so-called ‘Answer model’ to a question. This term has now been changed to ‘Elaboration of the answer’ in Remindo. However, the function hasn’t changed; this information remains invisible for students. The reason for changing the term is because it could cause confusion in the student view environment, where making edits to the answer model is mentioned, but which means something different.
  • A new button, ‘Show overview’, has been added under the tab ‘Content’ > ‘Rules’ of a recipe in the admin environment. This button allows for opening or closing all recipe rules simultaneously.
  • When it’s decided to make changes to the caesura after a test has been administered and apply the Cohen-Schotanus method, a percentage accurate to two decimals is calculated, instead of a rounded off percentage.

Note: This release also brings several changes with regards to increasing the accessibility of Remindo for people with visual or physical impairments, based on the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). In this release, attention has been paid to the following:

  • Improved compatibility with screenreadersoftware for both during the test and in the candidate’s dashboard;
  • Improved keyboard navigation in windows with a pop-up;
  • Several small adjustments in the high-contrast mode both during the test and in the candidate’s dashboard.