CAT supportsite: Digital assessment with Remindo


(Updated) Remindo release 23.3

On Sunday, 21 May 2023, release 23.3 of Remindo has been rolled out. With this release it has been made possible to make a correction division based on percentages when creating a correction round. You can contact your faculty key-user for more information. The page on the supportsite will be updated shortly.

Another update concerns the possibility of editing the visibility settings (under delivery settings) of results in the test-player/student view ( This was already possible, and could be enabled or disabled through a check box; with this release you need select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for this setting.

Furthermore, with this release it should become possible to enable or disable specific parts of the results (e.g. amount of points, score, feedback) in the test-player/student view. However, this option has not been activated yet. More information on this will follow soon, and the necessary changes will be made to this page (step 9) when it is activated.

UPDATE (June 9th 2023) – The last option mentioned above has now been activated.