Educate-it supportsite: digital assessment with Remindo


21 September 2022: On Sunday, 25 September 2022, release 22.5 of Remindo will be rolled out. This release makes it possible to switch off the possibility of the Group analysis (22.1) for certain roles. In consultation with various parties it has been decided to switch off this function for the entire UU. If you have any questions about this decision, please contact Team Digital assessment (

19 July 2022: Attention! As of July 22, 2022, there are changes in some default settings in Remindo. In this document you can read what the changed default settings are.

20 May 2022: On Sunday, 22 May 2022, release 22.3 of Remindo will be rolled out. This release contains optimizations.

27 March 2022: On Sunday, 27 March 2022, release 22.2 of Remindo has been rolled out. With the concise release notes we would like to inform you about the relevant changes from the release.

23 February 2022: On Sunday, 30 January 2022, release 22.1 of Remindo has been rolled out. With these short release notes we would like to inform you about relevant changes from the release. Our apologies for the delay in sharing these notes.

21 November 2021: On Sunday, 21st November 2021, release 21.5 of Remindo will be rolled out. With these short release notes we would like to inform you about relevant changes from the release.

September 26, 2021: Sunday morning, September 26, the release 21.4 of Remindo will be rolled out. The release consists of optimizations:
– Since this release, it is possible to drag questions between lines using the drag button. It was already possible to drag questions within a line.
– It is also possible to indicate in the test matrix settings in the admin view that the points of questions may be shown during the test. During the test students can then see how many points they can gain per question.

June 6, 2021: The 21.3 release of Remindo will be rolled out on Sunday, June 6. The release consist of optimizations of existing functionalities.

March 28, 2021: The 21.2 release of Remindo is successfully rolled out on Sunday, March 28. The release consisted of optimizations of existing functionalities.

January 29, 2021: A release of Remindo will be rolled out on Sunday, January 31. Read the Brief release notes 21.1 what has been updated.

November 15: A version of Remindo will be release on Sunday, November 15. Read in the Short releasenotes 20.5 what has been updated.

November 12: Functional Management and Educate-it advise not to add a step-by-step plan to a test matrix, if this test is to be started with a ‘Joint start’. For more information, please contact your faculty key-user.

October 23: The FAQ and Roadmap for online surveillance with MS Teams are available on the Remote testing page.

October 22: Update from Timetable and Planning: “Due to the adjusted corona measures, from October 26, exams in halls may not exceed 100. Therefore there will be changes with regard to the currently planned digital exams, for example conversion to online, use of more rooms, etc. Keep in mind that an exam may (depending on the scheduling options and/or the decision of the teacher) be changed from chromebook location to online home.” Advice: Please contact your faculty key-user Remindo if this applies to your situation or if you have further questions.

September 27: A version of Remindo will be released on Sunday, September 27. Read in the Short releasenotes Remindo 20.4 NE -ENG what has been updated.

June 11: Problems have been found in exams when a recipe is adjusted within one hour before the start of the exam. Advice: Do not edit a recipe within one hour before the start of the exam.

June 2: On the COVID-19 FAQ page, three documents have been placed concerning online surveillance with StarLeaf.

June 2: The Instruction for taking a digital exam has been updated. This instruction is not available in English yet.

May 31: A version of Remindo will be released on Sunday, May 31. Read in the Brief release notes Remindo 20.3 EN-NE what has been updated.

March 30: New documents available

Documents for an examination or review at home can be found under Support documents.

March 17: Update on measures Coronavirus


News due to Coronavirus situation

Due to the cancellation of all summative digital exams up to April 20th 2020, we would like to point out a number of alternatives below:

  1. Online ‘open book’ examinations can be taken using examination software Remindo on the student’s computer at home. Students fill in their answers there and can use all available sources.
  2. Prepared test in Remindo, if it can be converted to an ‘open book/resources’ version, you can have the exam made by the student at home on the computer during the scheduled time slot. Keep in mind that the internet security and surveillance, like is normally available in the examination rooms at the university, is not available in this case. Think of turning the questions into open-ended questions, essay questions or other questions where the answer cannot be searched for on the internet, which makes cheating more difficult.
  3. Assignments for a grade: think of writing an essay, making a poster, giving an online presentation, giving feedback on each other (for a grade). Blackboard allows you to submit assignments and provide feedback. Various other tools can be used for assignments, see the Educate-it tool guide.
  4. Alternative solutions: for some courses, it is not possible to test everything fully online with Remindo or Blackboard. For example, in mathematics exams or parts of chemistry or physics, where formulas or drawing structures are important. Solutions could be that students take screenshots, video’s or photographs of their written calculations on paper and share them with the teacher.
  • Teachers who would like pedagogical support for the above alternatives can contact
  • If the lecturer would like to reschedule his/her examination in the digital exam room, this is done via regular faculty scheduling.
  • More information can be found on the Intranet page ‘Distance Learning’.

Other news:

  • Releases for Remindo: On February 2nd 2020 a version of Remido has been released. Read in the Shortened release notes 20.1 what has been renewed. These notes are not available in English.
  • When working with Remindo, teachers and support staff regularly send out sensitive information. SURFfilesender makes it easy for instructors and support staff to send test questions or personal data in a secure manner.